About us

What we do

We specialize in consulting and training in the field of Strategic Talent Management, including Strategy and Alignment, Competency Modeling, Leadership Development, Training, Assessment, Coaching, Team Development.  

As an independent Master Associate of Korn Ferry we also help organizations implement and get certified in the Korn Ferry Suite of Products, including all Lominger legacy instruments.

Our Clients

Our client base includes Fortune Global 10, 100, and 500 companies from a broad variety of industries. We also work for smaller to medium-sized companies, as well as national and international non-profit organizations, and public administrations like cities.

Our Values

We believe in long-lasting client relationships and know-how-transfer philosophy to make our clients self-sufficient. Our assignments typically start with a combination of consulting and training; we then shift to support on-demand and act as coaches, mentors or outsourcing partners. We provide updates on instruments, research and best practices on an ongoing basis. 

Our History


Jocon founder Beat Johner is trained by the founding fathers of Lominger to become one of their first Independent Master Associates in Europe.

Jocon is founded as a niche player for clients that require talent consulting and strategic alignment of their competency model, and  certifications in the Leadership Architect® and Learning Agility Architect® Suite of products.
Lominger is acquired by Korn Ferry; Jocon incorporates additional instruments and solutions from the Korn Ferry portfolio. 

Beat Johner joins the Global Associate Council of Independent Korn Ferry Associates, representing Europe in the Council.

Beat Johner is elected a member of the Global Platinum Group of top tier Independent Korn Ferry Associates.
2012Korn Ferry acquires PDI Ninth House; Jocon incorporates additional instruments and solutions from the combined portfolio.
2015Jocon enters into partnership with CD Performance in France to help provide consulting services and trainings for the French speaking market. Corine Danner becomes an Independent Korn Ferry Affiliate of Jocon.
2015Korn Ferry acquires Hay Group; Jocon will incorporate additional instruments and solutions from the combined portfolio.
2016Jocon founder Beat Johner celebrates his 20th anniversary as an Independent Associate of Korn Ferry (formerly of Lominger).

Our Scalability

Jocon is “scalable in size” through partnering:

  • We support you as a small consulting and training boutique for your Talent Management needs, and certify your company in Korn Ferry instruments
  • We act as an international network of consultants with different language capabilities and backgrounds, as necessary for example for a larger 360° feedback initiative, followed by local, individual coaching
  • We partner to help you as a global provider for your big-scope assessment/succession management projects and solutions

Please let us know about your needs, and we will act and partner accordingly to best support you.